Web Design Process

In building a new website, there are steps I go through each time in helping you determine what you need and what you want and how you want the website to look.

These are the steps I go through in designing a new website:

  1. We meet together to discuss your needs, either through phone, email or in person. There is no cost for this. We’ll talk about the function of your website as well as the look you want for your website.  We’ll look at some of your competition’s websites to get ideas of what could be on your website and what it could look like.
  2. If you don’t have a domain name or hosting company, I can help you find one.  If you do have a domain name and/or hosting company, I will need the passwords to access it.
  3. It is helpful to have copies of your logo, your colors, business card, your stationery, etc., if you have them.  I can help you design a logo for an extra charge.
  4. It is also helpful if you have looked at the sites you like and don’t like and provide me links.
  5. I’ll need to know the various pages (menu items) that you will want. I can help you determine this if you need me to.
  6. After we have discussed the above items, I will give you a quote.
  7. I will send you a contract expressing what we have discussed in person. After receiving your signed contract, I will begin your website based on what we discussed. I will begin by choosing and stylizing a WordPress theme.
  8. If you want a WordPress website (which you can maintain yourself), you have a choice of using a pre-done theme to reduce the cost, or I can design a custom theme.  There are free themes as well as premium themes which you can purchase.
  9. You provide the content. Then I will begin adding content (which is provided by you) to each page.
  10. One half of the cost will be paid up front at the time of signing the contract, one half will be paid when the website is finalized and the template is made and the last third when the site is complete.
  11. The process normally takes less than a month, but if you are slow at getting me content, it will be longer. A website can be done in less than a week with a “rush” fee of 25% of the entire website.