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With over 20 years experience, I am committed to helping small businesses get their web presence established by setting up and maintaining their websites. 

I have over 20 years of experience in web design and development and have built and worked on hundreds of websites for all kinds of businesses.

Now I mostly use WordPress to set up beautiful and functional websites and maintain them for you.

Working with technology is second nature to me. I find myself a natural born problem solver in the technology world. I can’t stop until I get the solution – and I most always do.

During the last 20 years, the area of web design and website building has been through many changes. I have moved through these changes, constantly learning new things.

With my many years of experience, I can manage your existing website or build a new one.

About Me

Emily Bernardi

You Need A Website

I Can Help

You Need a Website

Every business needs a website in this ever-moving technology age.

You have found your solution!

I have been working in all aspects of website design since 2003 and have been through many diverse changes in the industry, encountering and solving just about every website problem that has come along.

I am by nature a problem solver, especially when the problem involves technology. I can solve your website dilemma by building you a modern WordPress website and then maintaining it for you. I can also manage and update your older website.

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What I Offer

Designing, building, and maintaining WordPress websites, keeping up with current technology changes.

Install WordPress and a WordPress theme to build a website that can be easily maintained and customize the theme to use your logo, theme, and colors.

Variable pricing packages for all kinds of budgets. There is sure to be one that meets your needs.

Don’t want to maintain your own website? I offer WordPress maintenance and security packages to update WordPress plugins, WordPress themes and backup the website for you.

Take over and manage or update your current website.


Below are what a few of my long-term clients have to say about me.

Alan Aceves
Alan Aceves

I can’t say enough regarding Emily’s Professionalism and Creative Skills. Emily came to my rescue to fix and clean up my site. She was patient with my technical level and responsive to my requests. Nearly 10 years has passed and she continues to come through.

Charlene Earley
Charlene Earley

Emily did an amazing job for me when I owned a different magazine in the past. She updated information on our website to keep it fresh, new and relevant. She’s great to work with and really knows her way around a website.

Brian Halloron
Brian Halloron

Emily has done numerous websites for us. She gets the work done quickly and is willing to take extra time to get things working. She does many updates and other things for free. I would recommend her for any website you need.

Matthew Morgenstern
Matthew Morgenstern

I can’t remember who referred me to Emily, but I’m glad they did. It was some years back that I finally decided to make the leap and get a website. Emily made the process very easy. I gave her a few ideas I had for the site and in fairly short order she had it up and running. Since then, she’s always been quick to respond to any issues I was having, or changes I wanted to make. Pricing is always very reasonable. Most importantly, my customers often compliment me on the site, saying it’s very informative, and helped them understand my service. What more would you want?

Chris Krohn
Chris Krohn

Emily has been my website developer since I started my business in 2006. She has since developed 2 other websites for me. I wouldn’t work with anyone else! She is an expert with WordPress, is very responsive, and does great work. You can count on it being done right the first time, and in a timely manner and affordably. She can also be counted on in a pinch. Two years ago my main website crashed (I was using a terrible web hosting service). All was lost because the hosting service didn’t create backup files (nor did I). As I re-wrote the content feverishly over the next 48 hours, Emily was right there taking my content and re-creating the website. It was back on-line (with a better hosting service) in less than 72 hours. You won’t find a website developer who is more committed to her customers than Emily!

Matthew Loa Vance

Wanted to tell everyone about who designed Her name is Emily Bernardi and she is not only the best but the fastest and most affordable web designer I have ever worked with or even heard of for that matter. I have waited months for a site from other designers and she had us up and running with exactly what we wanted in under 2 weeks. Amazing !Check out our site and see for your self. Contact her and inquire about a site design if you need one.

Kathleen Sims
Kathleen Sims

Emily has been so great for me to work with. She’s very patient with my redo requests and when things are getting fine tuned. In the last 15 years. She is the first person I’ve worked with that has such an accepting attitude about my tweeks to pages. And her turn around times have 1 to 3 days. Plus she lets me know ahead given her workload what her expected date of completion is for my projects. She’s accountable and efficient. She’s a keeper.

Troy Lee
Jeanne Frigard

From the first meeting, Emily understood our style and very quickly and efficiently put a web design together and has maintained it for 5 years. Emily’s customer service has exceeded all of my expectations. She is clever and honest. Reign Salon appreciates

Troy Lee
Troy Lee

I have depended on Emily for many many years and she has always come through for me. I own a small business and I am not technical. Having Emily there to expertly update my website, update my links, and generally help me with website issues has been a bright spot for my business. When my hosting service went bankrupt, she was there to get me right back up again. BAM! She was done. Her response time is excellent and I have never ever been disappointed.